The Dec. 1 letter "Kern County workers deserve thanks for their hard work" deserves to be questioned. If county workers were held accountable like employees are in the private sector, many of them would be fired. Why?

Production from county as well as state workers just isn't there. County and state workers get paid no matter what, and have job protection, so they don't have to worry about losing their job or working hard. Employees in the private sector have no job security, and can get fired if they don't work hard to keep a private company in business.

Why do you think state agencies like Cal Trans and county supervisors throughout the state hire private contractors in the first place? There is simply more accountability for the work done by private companies.

The real difference between public and private sector work can be seen in our highways. The private sector builds your highways, and county and state workers are supposed to maintain them. Can anyone honestly say that our roads are being properly maintained?

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi