Moving to Bakersfield in 1944 as a five-year-old child, my mom soon introduced me to American-style Chinese food. It was absolutely delicious. My favorite dish was "chop suey." The serving was so large my tummy ached with delight.

The owner was a wonderful, hard-working man of Chinese descent as I remember. Working diligently, I understand he provided his children with college educations and good futures in other careers of their choice. 

We lived there for nine years but, alas, due to health problems my family moved to Northern California. Oh, if only I lived there again, what a joy it would be to be a "regular."

Although, the restaurant is now under new ownership, the same nutritious food is still being served with new recipes to enjoy! It is the very best of all of my dining adventures whether at home or wherever I have traveled. This, I believe, is because it is individually owned by people who care about their customers! For me, the waitresses are so accommodating to my current restricted diet. One of the owners, a beautiful lady, specially sees that my meals are "gluten-free." She is so gracious and thoughtful.

Having survived the "Tehachapi (Bakersfield) earthquake," the restaurant still looks the same outside but, inside, it is modernized, beautiful, clean and comfortable. Highly recommending its cuisine I look forward to seeing you there. Of course, it is the famous "Rice Bowl."

Juananas Odell