If we disqualified every patriot or politician because they had a lapse in judgment or needed some behavior modification (counseling) concerning sexual advances we would have missed out on the accomplishments of people like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin among many others. As long as this behavior isn’t ongoing, the person has stopped doing it and they take responsibility for their behavior as inappropriate and understand the damage it can cause others, everybody needs to move on.

The victims need to move on.

Our society likes putting people in a convenient box with a label on it and leaves that label on the person forever. People can change their behavior. If my dog has an accident, I don’t lock him up for 20 years. We need to put the hate behind us (hate is a disease that must be eradicated and start forgiving people). Isn’t that why everybody goes to church or are we just a bunch of hypocrites? As the Bible states, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast a stone at her.”

If everybody admitted to their digressions about sexual behavior the “failed” sex registry we have now would surge to ridiculous proportions. In California, there are over 120,000 people on the registry.

Some of the things we do to people today will someday be considered the same as the frontal lobotomies they did to people in the 1950s. Move on.

Mike Francel