President Trump spoke using racist and vulgar words regarding the origins of some of America’s immigrants. Speaker Paul Ryan reacted by saying, “(my) ancestors who emigrated from Ireland also faced prejudice and hostilities when they arrived in America.” He condemned the words used by Trump.

I am also familiar with the president’s xenophobia and unkind words because my parents experienced the same attitude when they moved from Oklahoma to California in the 1930s.

America and Kern County is great because it is built on the work of immigrants, like Speaker Ryan’s and my parents. Kern County’s agriculture is great because of the farm workers who immigrated here to work in our fields.

Our congressman, Kevin McCarthy, was in the room when Trump made his racist comments but McCarthy has been silent about the president’s words.

You can’t ignore Trump’s words and actions because he supports your conservative political agenda and you don’t want to upset him

Many of McCarthy's voters are immigrants or children of immigrants. His silence sounds like agreement.

Congressman, you must react and speak out.

Gene Tackett