One of Rep. Kevin McCarthy's challenges is choosing between local agriculture interests and the far right’s views on immigration reform. He’s paid well to represent local interests so the result should be interesting.

Another of his challenges is the issue of commonsense gun regulation. He will find himself caught between the NRA and the gun manufacturers and gun dealers they represent, and the millions of Americans who believe some common sense regulations can be implemented. Those in favor of some regulations include millions of gun owners who are tired of seeing innocent school children losing their lives. These gun owners have awakened and are now tired of being pawns of the NRA as the gun industry grows increasingly wealthy.

Could outlawing sales of AR-15s help? Could stopping people whose names are on terrorist watch lists from buying guns help? Could having law enforcement outside gun shows to stop illegal sales help? Could having people report the sale of their guns to the authorities help? These must be at least tried.

Don’t the children of this country deserve to know that the adults at least tried to solve the problem rather than sitting idly by? Rep. McCarthy, where do you stand? Please let us know at your next town hall meeting. If there ever is a next one.

Terry Beals, Bakersfield