I wish Kevin McCarthy would at least consider the position of White House chief of staff if it were offered to him. Having spent 20 years in the Air Force and 15 in the federal civil service, I've often heard the phrase, "promoted out of the job."

"Promotion" is an excellent albeit not ideal way of getting rid of an underperforming employee. Knowing the general mentality of the electors of the 23rd District, who choose based on party affiliation regardless of qualification, we know McCarthy will be reelected the next time around. If, by a remote chance, he is offered and accepts the position of chief of staff, it would be a tremendous relief to the unrepresented 23rd. I say "unrepresented" because McCarthy has done absolutely nothing for his constituents and everything for the Republican Party. His district is the farthest thing from his mind each time he is elected, reelected, and reelected again.

— David Losa, Bakersfield