To reflect on the Community Voices column from Brik McDill (D.C. sycophants are clinically fascinating to watch, Jan. 9):

The GOP can borrow this quote from the famous author and humanitarian, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain): "The reports of my death have been highly exaggerated.”

President Donald J. Trump has been legally elected and sworn in as president of this great country by a constitutional and legal electorate. He was elected by the people to stop the madness of the past administration and to advance the agenda of middle class America.

President Trump has, in one year, accomplished no less than 81 achievements (as set out in the Jan. 9 issue of the Washington Examiner) supporting the ideas and ideals of middle class Americans, which is what he was elected to do. Let's look even further at these “firsts” in leadership by President Trump:

Passage of the Tax Reform bill; GDP above 3 percent for the first time in 8 years (Obama years); 1.7 million new jobs; unemployment cut to 4.1 percent; an executive order to boost apprenticeship programs; $500 million in new SBA loans to women; and so on.

The liberals and Never Trumpers are hoping for the GOP to lose the House and Senate in the next elections. It's not happening. Let us think about where we are really headed without all the bedwetting and thumb-sucking from our unctuously smooth-talking, wannabe psychological journalist friend. The drivel of this kiss-up wannabe journalist is at best humorous. It will be interesting to watch what happens.

— William Dean, Bakersfield