There is something we can do about gun violence without waiting for the federal government to do it for us. I don't recall ever reading mention of these facts about the steps that Connecticut's state government took to make needed changes there after the massacre at Sandy Hook in 2013. It's time we all paid attention to their efforts and emulate them in every state.

The legislators of Connecticut that year banned more than 150 models of assault weapons. They banned the sale of gun magazines with the capacity of more than 10 rounds. Permits are required to buy any type of gun or ammunition. They developed a register of deadly weapon offenders and put in place a universal background check. In 2016 the state recorded the lowest homicide rate in its history, and one of the lowest gun death rates in the nation. And in 2016 issuance of gun permits was at an all-time high in the state, proving that owners are willing to comply with such strict laws for everyone's protection.

How many more children and adults must be murdered before all states institute such laws to better control the nation's gun supply? Gun owners of good conscience will support these measures, and perhaps future massacres will be prevented.

— Dolly Hei, Shafter