In the wake of the mass school shooting in Florida, some have expressed concern about calls for stricter gun laws. From House Speaker Paul Ryan to local opinion writers, the proclaimed concern is there will be a knee jerk reaction to the tragedy. In this view, the problem is mental health and school security — not guns.

The solution — advocated by Donald Trump, NRA head Wayne LaPierre, and Kern High School District trustee Mike Williams — is to allow educators to carry guns on campus. This solution is also a knee jerk reaction.

Allowing more guns on campus, as the KHSD board previously approved, is a troublesome policy, highlighted by Robert Price’s recent column about discipline issues in the KHSD. With increasing cases of verbal and physical altercations in the classroom, introducing guns into the equation doesn’t seem like a great idea.

As Price’s column notes, many students are worried about more guns on campus — a sentiment echoed in Florida. Furthermore, the intent of the KHSD board is questionable. Although also discussed in regular session, the final vote to permit teachers to carry guns was carried out in a special session at 2 p.m. — a time when students and teachers were unable to attend. 

— Jeb Blain, Bakersfield