In regard to the Robert Price' Sunday column ("He can be selectively silent, but McCarthy at the fore of immigration debate in Washington," Jan. 28), I think we can agree that the DACA issue needs to be permanently resolved out of practicality. Price's column, unfortunately, is wildly misleading on two key points.

First, he asserts that it was the Republicans who have left the undocumented to "twist in the wind" while the issue is debated. President Trump went against his own base by offering a path to citizenship for DACA residents. It was in fact Democrats who turned their backs because they oppose enhanced border security, something supported by the vast majority of Americans. Could it be that the Democrats are scared to death that the GOP might take credit for solving an issue that went ignored during the Obama years?

Secondly, Mr. Price laments Mr. McCarthy's refusal to hold town hall meetings. Why should he hold meetings where they will be disrupted by rent-a-mobs? These community meetings used to be thoughtful, respectful, and useful gatherings where honest discussions were held, but have been turned into photo-ops for media circulation the next day, all at the the behest of Democrat party propaganda ministers.

That being said, it's nice to have Mr. Price back as a columnist.

Steve Clark, Bakersfield