There were two articles in Saturday’s Californian that will impact Bakersfield residents.

The first was in regard to the civic groups that are suing the city for violations of the Brown Act, which prohibits discussion of certain financial matters while in closed session. Before filing suit, the two groups merely asked for an admission of what had taken place, a promise not to repeat the actions, and the correct records relating to the meetings. Admitting you’ve messed up is apparently beyond the city manager and the council members’ vision. They will now hire outside attorneys, and spend more of our budget deficit dollars to defend this nonsense.

The second article was in regard to the lawsuit filed by Tatyana Hargrove, the 19-year-old who was attacked by a police K-9. Ms. Hargrove is 5 foot, 2 inches tall. The officers were seeking a 5 foot, 10 inch man. While Ms. Hargrove may not have responded appropriately to the officers’ commands, the city including Chief (Lyle) Martin know that the officers overreacted. How about getting our heads together downtown, including perhaps Martin talking with the Hargrove family, and getting a quick and fair resolution to this situation? If you get the wrong jury on this case the cost to the city could be astronomical.

Both of these matters should be dealt with quickly before lawyers get overly involved. Don’t increase our deficit needlessly. You folks downtown, act like the money is yours and check your egos at the door.

Terry Beals