I can't believe that anyone can appear as heartless and unfeeling as theĀ author of the Jan. 11 letter on immigration, "Zero is the right number." I consider myself a moderate on the issue of illegal immigrants, somewhere between the Pope's belief in open borders and this authors' belief in "zero illegal immigrants."

Our nation has become dependent on such immigrants to work in our agricultural fields, and any number of other laboring positions. I believe that the "Dreamers" have a right to remain here, as long as they are law abiding, taxpaying (or student) members of this society. I believe that our rules on immigration should be tightened, giving greater priority to those with higher levels of education, and less to so-called chain immigration. Also, that any serious violation of law should result in immediate deportation.

We need to take a more sympathetic posture toward these kids who had no say in moving to our still great nation.

Ted Johnson