I'm sick of self-serving Republicans Like David Valadao rationalizing why we should be pleased about the tax reform plan. First of all, so the standard deduction is being increased. How many homeowners take the standard deduction? Not many! This will affect those considering buying a new home. The American dream of buying a house is being pushed further away. If you can't itemize, buying a house seems less attractive. Few people in Valadao's district own houses over $500,000 so we shouldn't be concerned about paying additional taxes for over that amount. My home value ballooned to over $500,000 some years back. This won't happen again? It will happen again under this tax plan! Now, how does Valadao know that wages and jobs are going to increase? Most fiscal watchdog agencies say that's not likely. What I do know is that an increase in the deficit by $1.5 trillion to give wealthy taxpayers a break will not improve the economy. Trickle down economics does not work.

Jerry DeLaRosa