Aren’t we tried of obtuse politicians who lack vision and creativity? Here we go again with another expensive survey.

According to the Bakersfield Californian article entitled, “A sales tax increase? city council wants feedback; downtown microbreweries, distilleries also ok’d,” our council wants a sales tax increase. Since they can’t figure this out on their own, nor make a decision, they are paying $54,000 to hire a research firm to determine if citizens want a sales tax increase. This is the definition of lame.

Dwindling tax revenues and increased costs have been in our faces for a number of years, yet this council fails to seek creative ways to increase revenue.

Bakersfield needs to stop being the Jurassic Park of cities and embrace its great business and tourist potential. Unfortunately, that would take forward thinkers and visionaries who would dare take a chance. Like the occupants of Jurassic Park, so goes our city council.

Ron Rice