It isn't enough that President Trump filled his Cabinet with people determined to destroy their departments. Now that his tax plan has passed, there will be no money to fund their departments. I presume this was the master plan.

Republicans, and especially Trump, love to denounce government agencies, insisting people can make better choices on their own. How does that pay for National Parks? How does that pay for natural disasters, like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and fires? How does that give citizens access to medical care? How does that protect us from predatory lenders?

As a nation, we will have to determine if the Republican mantra of lower taxes equals job growth and higher wages. If it is true, then Republicans will have produced an economic miracle. If it is false, we are transforming ourselves into a third world country.

The U.S. already has extreme income inequality. The top 10 percent control 70 percent of the country’s wealth. Now that we are giving them the opportunity to avoid paying taxes, they can funnel even more money into the Republican party. Of course, we will have poor or non-existent services.

We will soon see the Republican plan for America in action. We can determine its success or failure.

Kathy Harlan