Ms. White, the president’s nominee for economic advisor, is simply a climate change denier, with colorful, bizarre talking points. Ms. White, I am neither a communist nor a pagan. I have the humility to respect the conclusions of every scientific academy in the world (NASA has a list of 200). Do I call you a Nazi because you cling to these bizarre notions? No, that would be rude.

Climate change is fact based on evidence, not opinion. We have seen the predictions of scientists come to pass. Forest fires burn 7-10 times the areas as before. Heat waves occur 5 times more often. Sea level rise is accelerating. Record floods. Diseases are migrating.

Nearly 1.5 trillion tons of man’s carbon emissions are clearly the cause; all other ‘natural causes’ have been ruled out. Ms. White, what is your explanation? The sun? Earth’s orbits? Volcanoes? Nope.

By turning her back on the crisis she (and Mr. Trump) are complicit in the climate change deaths of hundreds of thousands per year 88 percent of them children (World Health Organization). It borders on criminal negligence.

Jan Freed

Los Angeles