As a part of the Bakersfield College community, I appreciate the college's commitment to the student success lab, which provides students with assistance and new computer technology.

This program is an especially convenient and helpful tool for those who attend online classes. The student success lab has a variety of subjects including math, reading and learning process services. Both the faculty and students here have created a learning environment that embraces the information that students gain while attending the success lab. Students in the lab have the ability to cooperate and share their own point of view so that they can pass the course successfully.

I am affiliated with this lab because I am registered in the ALEKS math program, one of the subjects the success lab offers. This program requires computer access so that you can study at home, school, or even at Starbucks. But students who work full-time jobs can't always attend. Weekend lab hours help these students.

Brianna McGill, Bakersfield