In Sal Moretti's column ("If Charles Manson's in heaven, what does that mean for the rest of us?" Feb. 26), he draws convoluted connections from Charles Manson to Adolph Hitler, then to Cathy Miller, owner of Tastries Bakery. Wow. Now there's a logical train of thought that MSNBC would be proud of. A common ploy of liberals is to obfuscate rational thought by linking the villain of the month to historical Great Satans mentioned above, or even more evil ones, such as Reagan or Bush.

Let's get back on Earth. The two lesbians in search of a wedding cake to celebrate a marriage that took place six months earlier was an obvious bushwhack against the bakery owner. Their "hurt and humiliation" is doubtful, but that's not the issue here. The truth is that if Miller were an atheist and a regular donor to "progressive" causes, and had refused to bake a cake for Kevin McCarthy, she would have been showered with accolades for her courage.

Look, you guys won. In spite of the electorate passing a proposition defining marriage as being between a man and woman only, the courts ruled in your favor (again.)

But that's never enough for you people. Not only do you find liberal judges to agree with you, you want all the rest of us to get on board with a lifestyle that most of us find somewhere between distasteful and creepy. Or, in the case of Ms. Miller, un-Christian. Leave us alone. You bake your cakes, and we'll bake ours.

— Steve Clark, Bakersfield