I appreciated Steve Mayer's Jan. 26 article on the "proposed" renovated/new veterans clinic project ("'Get'r done:' Local advocates say it's time the VA moved on new veterans clinic"). My first thought is "Where is our Congressman Kevin McCarthy?" He stands strong for our Veterans but there isn't any mention of his involvement in this project.

He could play a politically intrical part in identifying available HUD/CD funding and moving this project along. It's not just Veteran's Affairs that hold purse strings. However, there is no mention of his stance/involvement. Was one of his representatives at this meeting?

Whether the current clinic presents the possibility of renovation or if a new facility would expedite meeting the Veterans' needs, it looks like the federal departments involved are playing a "How long can we put them off?"game with our Veterans. I bet Congressman McCarthy could accurately identify the status and the most productive direction. Or, do you think he is too busy with identifying the Starburst colors?

I have always been a supporter of McCarthy (since his baby days with Bill Thomas) but I have watched him "change." Politics do this to the best of us. 

Our nation continues to send our people into harm's way. Why can't our nation back them with timely care when they return? This is all wrapped in the commitment of no "man" left behind. We are leaving our service men and women behind -- in the very country they vowed to protect.

Jan Lewy, Bakersfield