Stephen Moore's Dec. 13 column, "4 ways to improve the tax bill," suggests the Republican tax plan will provide a "shot of performance-enhancing drugs into the veins of the economy." A great metaphor, since such drugs are banned from athletic competition!

He also names Arthur Laffer as one who said cutting the highest tax rates are the best way to stimulate the economy because they "do the most harm." This is a oft-stated fallacy that has been proven false. All one has to do is look to the 1950s, a period of very rapid growth, when the rates were extremely high, to see how high taxes do not stifle the economy.

It has been interesting to watch the conservatives who trumpeted deficit reduction now say it is not important. I would like to hear one of them tell me what is so important about a tax cut when the economy is performing better than it has in years and the only people who will benefit greatly from it are the wealthy and businesses that openly state they don't need it.

Kerry S. McGill, Saint Albans, Mo.