I read with trepidation the letter from John Mckiearnan in The Californian on 12/28/2017. He makes the claim that his portfolio has risen 24 percent since Trump took office. While I am happy for his gain, I feel it necessary to point out that most of us Americans do not have the luxury of having a portfolio. Most of us are in a middle class that is under constant barrage by the GOP (Grumpy Old Pathetics) in every manner from the attempts to reduce, defund, and repeal our healthcare to the Paul Ryan promises of cuts to the so-called entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that many of us rely on for our very survival.

Without Medicare and Social Security (which we paid into over our 40-plus working years), my husband and I would surely face abject poverty and homelessness. We are both retired, and while we at one time did have 401(k)s and IRAs, this money was lost to us through an unexpected health crisis and the associated high medical costs resultant from inadequate medical insurance.

While I did not and would not vote for a man such as Trump, with his government inexperience, love of Russia, and quite frankly racist attitudes, I am not a Trump-hater. Rather, I just want to experience those campaign promises of support for the middle class, true tax reform, increases in employment through infrastructure rebuilding, and real swamp draining, none of which I expect to occur during the Trump presidency.

Mari Turner