What’s a dirty word?

The constant criticism of President Trump’s “filthy language” is wearing thin. Has anyone ever listened to the lyrics of “pop” music? Have you ever attended a movie without a cuss word in the dialogue?

I hear so much profanity on the street, at the shopping mall, in the movie theater, and on TV and radio on a daily basis and I find it offensive. I don’t like potty mouths. But, my goodness, some of the critics of the president act like they’ve never heard a “dirty word” before in their life. Believe me, unless I am totally wrong, there are a lot worse words than the one the president supposedly uttered last week.

We need to stop this and focus our energy on helping the impoverished here in our own country. I understand the Clintons had a lot of cash earmarked for Haiti and that was “right nice” of them ... if they gave it to Haiti.

If the worst “dirty word” you’ve ever heard is the one supposedly uttered by our president, you have indeed led a sheltered life and never cleaned the wax out of your ears. I’m sure someone will reply with, “Well, he is the president.” I won’t “go there.” Have at it, critics of the president!

— Caroline O. Reid, Bakersfield