Drive east on Edison Highway past the town of Edison, and you'll see mattresses, sofas, and chairs tossed out alongside the road. While driving you just might get lucky and find an appliance or two. Of course, you might have to fumigate some of this stuff if you take it home, but what the heck; it's free!

Seriously, though, what a sorry, ugly and disgusting sight to see in California. Texans have the idiom "Don't Mess With Texas," hinting not to throw trash out on their highways. They take pride in their state. We have the idiom "Care for California," but there's really no effort to keep our state clean, sanitary and trash-free.

Travel through the state of Utah, and you'll see little or no trash along their highways. Roads there are as "Neat As A Pin." There's a $1,000 fine for littering in our state, but I doubt if anyone is pulled over and cited by the CHP for littering. Unless drivers aren't paying attention, who'd be stupid enough to throw or dump trash while a cop is around anyhow?

Place cameras alongside Edison Highway and also along Highway 58, and catch these litterbugs. Fine them; put their mugs in The Californian, and make them work off so many days of community service picking up trash. Some people might think this is cruel and inhumane punishment, but I say it's time to take out the trash, and I'm not just referring to the trash along our roads either.

— Dennis Tope, Tehachapi