Religious/political fundamentalism can frequently be considered an addiction that may result in adopting some rather extreme and distorted views of reality. Consider the following head spinners: Franklin Graham, an evangelical Christian supporter of Trump, compared him to Abraham, Moses and David —  flawed individuals, but men of God. A person that continually lies, brags, belittles, bullies, excuses racists, and joked about women's private parts is hardly a man of God.

Frank Amedia, an Ohio pastor, said he believes Trump is receiving divine revelations. It’s a battle between righteousness and unrighteousness, light and darkness. Amedia also claims that God personally told him that Trump’s presidency was paving the way for the Second Coming of Jesus. It must be nice to have God speak to you. I would like to have a conversation with God also; perhaps he can help me with my golf game.

Pat Robertson said those who oppose Trump are revolting against God’s plan. Robertson embarrasses himself every time he says something. Paula White, a pastor and a Trump spiritual adviser, recently told her congregation that resisting Trump is fighting against the hand of God. Send in the men in the white coats to take Pat and Paula away.

Roger Stone, a friend and ally of Trump, warns that any attempt to remove the president from office would result in an insurrection like you’ve never seen before. Glenn Beck called Roger Stone one of the worst people in the world. Unfortunately, extreme views can sometimes metamorphose into self-righteous violence.

— David Keranen, Bakersfield