I was wondering what the smelly slime flowing down the Las Vegas strip was. After reading the article headlined, “Tehachapi woman wounded in Vegas carnage files suit" against multiple defendants in Thursday's Californian, I now know.

This was a tragic, life-changing event for many, but should this now be a venue to impugn all business and venues who were also negatively impacted? Should this be a feeding frenzy for bottom-feeding lawyers looking for a big payday? The answer is no!

Our freedoms, creative ideas and basic enjoyments of life have been curtailed by greedy, overzealous lawyers who spin tragedy into opulent lifestyles for themselves. In their wake, businesses are forced to develop unneeded, intrusive and oftentimes ridiculous policies in order to fend off future attacks.

In the case of the Las Vegas shooting, are these venues really at fault for the carnage? Could anyone truly have predicted this event and taken steps to stop it? Likely not. Vegas hotels and concert venues already have copious amounts of security and measures in place to protect their valued customers. They are victims in this, too, and do not deserve to be scapegoats.

I’m confident the Las Vegas gaming community will look at its present security and take steps to better protect their customers, if needed. What they don’t need is the stench of unconscionable lawyers who prey on victims still recovering in the hospital from this horrible event.

— Ron Rice, Bakersfield