Jaz McKay posted an apology Saturday, calling his use of a racial slur a "slip of the tongue." Anyone who's listened to his show for any amount of time should know this is no slip of the tongue. Mr. McKay frequently over-pronounces the names of the Hispanic community, posts racially incendiary memes to his Facebook account, and spends much of his radio program stoking the flames of outrage.

Whether this was Jaz McKay the individual or Jaz McKay the personality is irrelevant. Perhaps if he spent more time building up the things he champions and less time mocking those who he views as different, then his hopes of God's forgiveness would ring more true than his flip-flopping support of Donald Trump.

This isn't a one-off mistake. Jaz McKay has profited off of thinly veiled racist outrage for years and he finally got caught with his hand in the till.

— Michael Solko, Bakersfield