The Jan. 11 article about black ice on Mil Potrero Highway had a paragraph quoting Craig Pope, county director of public works. "The road was built on the wrong side of the mountain — in the shade." I wonder if Mr. Pope knows the reason that road was built where it is?

Pine Mountain Club and the access road, Mil Potrero Highway, was designed in the late 1960s by CM Engineering Associates, headquartered in San Bernardino. I was employed by that firm as a designer-draftsman and was involved with design of the Pine Mountain Club subdivision.

At that time, county roads were under the jurisdiction of Road Commissioner Vernon Smith, head of the Kern County Road Department.

CM Engineering wanted to locate Mil Potrero Highway where it would receive the most sun in the winter. When the preliminary alignment was submitted to the Road Department, it was rejected. Mil Potrero Highway is in its present location because of a decision by the Kern County Road Department. CM Engineering staffers were baffled by that decision, but were overruled.

CM Engineering had extensive experience in the design and construction of mountain subdivisions, having designed and engineered thousands of lots and many miles of roads in the San Bernardino mountains for Lake Arrowhead Development Co. Their experience designing and engineering mountain developments is the reason the Kern County Land Company chose them to design Pine Mountain Club.

— Richard C. Nuckles, Bakersfield