Former Bakersfield Californian CAO Richard Beene's blurb on Nov. 3 on the GOP so-called tax "reform" plan is inarguably simplistic and naive.

Beene could have devoted just a little more space to list some of the other pratfalls of this plan that hurts the middle class.

As a donor state to the federal government, Californians should be allowed to continue deducting local and state income taxes as well as keep their personal exemptions. Jumping into the fire of a 25 percent tax bracket for a couple making only $90,000 annually is a big slap at the middle class.

There are also many people in Bakersfield who pay over $10,000 in property taxes who will not be able to deduct those taxes.

In reference to the mortgage interest deduction being scaled back, Beene curtly opines "…but how many of us have homes … with mortgages in the "1 million range?" Beene is infected with the rich-poor man disease that has spread throughout our country in recent years.

And, of course, Beene conveniently fails to mention the price tag of this bill — a massive $1.5 trillion or more deficit over the coming decade. Whatever happened to being concerned about the federal deficit?

This tax plan helps millionaires, billionaires and corporations. It should also help the middle class whose labor has made America great.

We already pay too much in taxes to the federal government.

— Mark C. Salvaggio, Bakersfield