I live in Taft and have followed the marijuana issue very closely. I don't use the stuff but watching our city government at work, maybe I should. The city and county should take more of a positive approach to the potential revenue pot facilities, with very strict control, would generate compared to the costs from banning them. Marijuana is out there, so why not capitalize on it?

The City of Taft has used 2017 reserves to help finance a new transit facility so they could include all the frills, whistles and bells with an added meeting room. An outdoor patio where our transits might hang out. In my opinion, it overshadows our beautiful Oil Worker Monument next to it.

Pot revenue could have the potential to replenish the reserves that could be used in the event of a disaster from a major earthquake maybe coming to our city.

Or revenue to fill potholes. Our city streets are just one big pothole and little is done. A city crew came down our street and after hitting several, stopped, filled in two and drove on, hitting the rest. Our tax dollars at work.

So let's put pot revenue to work for improving our streets and, in the event of a major disaster, maybe fund a new police officer or deputy sheriff.

Maybe next time the city crew can fill four potholes.

— James McCall, Taft