The Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park as well as other national parks are proposing in 2018 a drastic entrance fee hike to $70. This is a result of the president's 12 percent budget cut to the Department of the Interior.

The entire budget for the National Park Service is a tiny 1/l2 of one percent of the fiscal budget. Cutting the NPS budget will not significantly lower my taxes.

But U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke supports the budget cuts that the Trump administration has requested, and then patronizes the NPS neediness for drastic fee hikes.

Zinke makes clear that he is true to his past priorities in deteriorating our treasured public lands, while freeing up funds for oil, gas and coal development.

Tax dollars are the sustainable financial support system for public lands, not drastic fee hikes.

— Ellen Schafhauser, Weldon