Sorry, Ms. Murray, but we're all immigrants ("Without borders we are nothing," Jan. 25 letter). Unless you were born in Bakersfield, you're an immigrant. Whether you came from another country, another state or another town, you migrated from somewhere.

My forebears came from Germany and Wales in the 18th century, fought in the Civil War (both sides) and in every war since. They settled in Tennessee — the Volunteer State — and over time emigrated in all directions.

Like it or not, this country is no longer lily-white. Tolerance is a virtue. The Dreamers should be accepted for what they are — a people who are here through no fault of their own and want to assimilate and be productive citizens. If you know of illegal immigrants voting, please report them to the county clerk. I have yet to meet an illegal immigrant who votes.

— Jim D. Smith, Bakersfield