What a wonderful allegory James Burns wrote! Thank you for publishing it ("Tale of a deaf artist and a blind musician," Oct. 21). Let me see if I can follow the symbolism. Two people, representing two groups who experience life differently, both want to support the arts, just as in real life conservatives and liberals both want to support those who serve and have served in the military.

Remembering that 17 percent of the active military are black, and 12 percent are Hispanic, that translates into making darn sure that each member of every racial group is supported by the laws they fought (and maybe died) to uphold. Right?

Oh, and then there's the thief who stole the blank canvas to make a sign protesting the doubling of the price of food. By the last paragraph of Burns' column, the price of bread and milk had returned to normal. So protests work, even if the means of protesting was questionable.

I say every one of us has a duty to protest unequal treatment under the law. It's our responsibility to make sure all of our veterans come home to a country where their service is honored and their families are treated fairly. It seems obvious from all the fuss and noise that the best way to bring attention to this very real problem is to honor the military by taking a knee during the anthem.

— Anne Stoken, Bakersfield