Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s accomplishment cannot fail to impress. He nailed the Russian interference: Facts, names, dates, places, documents.

The indictment is a development of historic dimensions. It’s bigger than the Citizen Genet furor over foreign influence in the early days of the Republic.

Put Trump aside for a moment. Put aside also the rumors about collusion by one or more of his campaign or administration officials with the Russians. The important thing is that Mueller is poised to prove in court that the Internet and social media have seriously exposed our civil society to disruption by foreign agents as well as malicious home-grown disinformationists. What’s new is that the Internet and the social media have provided them with a platform.

Prosecutors tend to work up the food chain systematically. So it will not surprise anyone if Mueller takes on the Trump campaign and/or administration next. But future indictments in that direction might amount to little more than “cover-up” accusations - in other words, allegations that after the fact, Trump officials and Trump himself wised up to what the Russians had done, but denied they knew the Russians did it. Another cover-up prosecution? Ho-hum.

Whatever happens, the indictment will result in ever more ridiculous controversies over who’s worse, Donald or Hillary. The deafening noise is rising already. Let’s hope the real story - the baleful impact of the Internet and social media on American politics – doesn’t get drowned out.

Girard Fisher