Children were killed in the latest mass shooting! Well, take it in, Jane and Joe American. We’ve made killing children endurable with our failure at voting for stricter gun laws. Ever since the Sandy Hook massacre, where 20 elementary school kids were murdered, and subsequent gun laws were voted down, we’ve settled into this as our new normal. Besides, we’d rather stay distracted on the red herring of whether Sandy Hook ever happened at all because what’s modeled to us from the White House is that conspiracy theories take precedence.

Nonetheless, the inherent right to gun ownership over stricter gun laws is the masthead of only three countries: Guatemala, Mexico and the United States. Most other countries have regulated gun control, and, duh, have way less mass shootings. Adjusted for population, Yemen has more mass shootings than the U.S. It’s a no-brainer, then, to know that second to America, Yemen also has the highest gun ownership. Do that math!

Then there’s our filtered president who has so thoughtfully researched (he did clear up the debate on whether women like to be groped) that “mental health” is the reason for having the most mass shootings. Regardless that rates of mental health conditions are the same by comparison with other wealthy countries — the only difference being access to guns — it’s the fact that they’re depressed, anxious or psychotic that these mass shootings happen. So stay distracted, America. Our country’s depressed, anxious or psychotic is the next red herring.

— Howard Acosta, Bakersfield