Why must a literate man making a reasonable argument (at least reasonable from his point of view) resort to name-calling? The Feb. 8 Community Voices article ("Rally was really 'gay agenda,' not to uphold Constitution") was obviously written to advocate for more expansive views on current controversial issues. So why take a shot at the white, right-wing, fundamentalist, Christian heterosexual?

I’m white. I lean right for convictional reasons. The fundamentals of my faith are firmly fixed in my heart and mind, although dialogue regarding these views is welcome. I’m no fundamentalist, as that term is currently understood in its ugliness. But like any basketball player who must master the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting, I am a Christian committed to mastering a certain set of fundamentals that are distinct to Christianity (as I understand it). I’m proudly heterosexual, having been married to my beautiful wife for more than 30 years.

If the combination of those terms suggests I’m a hate-monger or bigot, I’d suggest a little more nuance is needed. Maybe even precisely defining the terms. I do not hate gays. I have what I consider to be an informed opinion about the gay lifestyle choice. But to disagree is not to disparage or condemn a particular person. I don’t want to cut off valuable conversation. I want to engage. In Christian love.

— Dave Bocker, Wasco