For many years the movie industry has produced movies that contain sex, violence and harassment, and the result is that it has insulted decent morality. To this day its contents glorify the victimizing women showing rape and sexual harassment in their films.

In my opinion, it looks like it may affect the minds of the directors and producers and even some of those who act in these films. With former producer Roman Polanski raping a 13-year-old girl is approval of a film industry that supports the worst of human behavior.

Harvey Weinstein is a prime example of the lack of morality in Hollywood. He is not alone in this assault on morality; many mainstream actors and actresses have been approving, funding and defending the likes of President Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky case.

In my opinion, there is a link between the movies produced and the Hollywood mindset that may influence the behavior of sexual harassment perpetrators like Harvey Weinstein.

— Trenton Spears, Bakersfield