Commenting on a recent letter to the Californian, it's hard to understand how knowing about scriptures that speak about violence can give solace and peace. There is the statement that "He is the creator of life." If He is the creator of life, then apparently, according to the Bible, He can end life at His whim.

The God of the Bible condones or commits war and genocide on a monumental order. The Noachian Flood that supposedly killed millions of men, women, and children save Noah, his family, and selected animals, was genocide on a massive scale. According to various passages in the Bible, the God depicted therein committed or abetted war and slaughter, including all the men, women, children, and animals of nations or peoples that followed other gods.

Since tens or hundreds of millions of women were killed in the above tragedies, a significant proportion of them would be pregnant, and their fetuses destroyed. Consider the millions of natural abortions throughout history; why did the God of the Bible ignore the fetuses and refrain from saving them?

The letter writer states that evil is the culprit in the Las Vegas massacre. This is a hypostatization fallacy. Evil doesn’t do anything. People do horrible things that are called evil. Except being born with brain damage, killers are not born killers, they are created.

Why is the United States by far the world’s leader in mass killings and murder in general? Follow the money. Money is god in the United States.

— David Keranen, Bakersfield