I must take issue with all of the recent criticism of the Kern High School District and its faculty for suspending higher numbers of minority students than those of white students ("Get engaged to end pushout of students of color at KHSD," Oct. 31).

The reason this occurs is clearly obvious. Those students are misbehaving or acting inappropriately in higher numbers and the schools are forced to discipline them.

Here's a novel idea for those of you that feel you are being picked on and treated unfairly by school staff. Try showing up for class on time, have your homework done, participate in classroom activities in a mannerly way, respect the staff and your fellow students, and do your best to get the best education you can.

And, finally, to the parents of KHSD students. Stop blaming the schools when your student acts up and is disciplined. Take some responsibility as a parent. Support and pay attention to your students, support the schools that they attend, and show interest in school days and homework. I can guarantee you that suspensions will decrease, your students will be happier, and our entire community will be better off for your and your student's efforts.

— Steve Ramsey, Bakersfield