The Florida school shooting could have been prevented if just some of the many people who knew of the shooter’s mental condition would have taken the situation seriously. Several school shootings have occurred prior to this, but common sense lessons on how to prevent more tragedies have been missed completely.

Lesson number one is that this shooting, like many others, occurred in a “gun-free” zone that was naively established by people who don’t like guns. Gun-free zones, whether they are schools, churches, military bases, theaters, or post offices, are really just killing fields. Their existence invites and encourages cowards to do their evil with the assurance that they will not be opposed by anyone else with a gun.

The second lesson is that only a person carrying a gun on that school campus could have prevented or reduced the killings and injuries caused by this deranged shooter.

Predictably, liberals are rushing to politicize this tragedy as they always do. Their knee-jerk reaction is to cynically use such incidents to push their gun-abolition agenda. If liberals really cared about student safety, they would heed the above lessons, help get rid of gun-free zones, and insist on armed security for all school campuses. And they could start right here in California where liberal Gov. Jerry Brown just stupidly signed legislation that prohibits guns at all schools in the state, thereby turning all California schools into killing fields. 

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi