Councilman Willie Rivera just doesn't seem to get it. He is the lone council member to vote against the City's ban on all cannabis activity.

In Sunday's front page article, "County and city wrestling with divergent paths on pot politics," he shared his frustrations of what he deems a failed past policy of banning pot, and points to the large number of illegal cannabis shops operating in the city, including one right across the street from his home, and five more just a block and a half away. Apparently he is not aware of or chooses not to utilize our city's Nuisance Ordinance, which is how Bakersfield has been shutting down the illegal shops.

As a council member, he probably has more sway to get our thin blue line and other city agencies to investigate those illegal pot shops. If one was operating across the street from my home, I think I'd be a little bit more proactive and attempt to shut it down.

This is his first and last term as a council member (in a recent local TV program, he shared he would not run again in Nov. 2018). You think he'd be trying real hard to shut down that across-the-street pot shop before he no longer has council member clout to do so. Unless he really doesn't mind that the illegal shops are next door to where he lives.

— Tom Alexander, Bakersfield