It turns out Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and I have something in common. Both of us have old family lore that claims relationship to historic people. In the case of Sen. Warren it was a relationship to pre-European Americans.

For me it was a familial relationship to Captain Abbott, who, in the 1840s landed a ship in what, today, is Newport Beach to open commerce to what is now the Inland Empire. He remained in the area as a developer and entrepreneur.

For both of us, on examination, we are unable to substantiate the claims and, as such, consider them to only be interesting family conversation points. Neither of us have ever used these claims to seek or acquire any kind of special consideration or status.

The one difference between us is I had the good fortune to not have some narcissistic buffoon, having acquired an international venue, refer to my family lore with a statement that was a clear, uncalled-for insult to the public at large or me.

Stephen A. Montgomery, Bakersfield