In this file photo, Rudy Salas, D-Bakersfield, is sworn in to a third term representing the 32nd Assembly District.

Courtesy office of Rudy Salas

I commend Assemblyman Rudy Salas for following through on his campaign promise of "no new taxes without a vote of the people." The Californian's article of April 19 reported that Assemblywoman Lorena G. Fletcher, D-San Diego, "stormed over to Salas' desk, jabbed a finger in his face and berated him for voting no while his colleagues face tougher re-election fights than his." That sums up what we the people think about most politicians in Sacramento.

Your campaign promises mean nothing, you're here for job security and keeping the Democratic Party in power. If comments like this don't make people realize we need term limits and a total overhaul of government I don't know what will.

Steven Barnes, Bakersfield