In a period of less than a week, President Trump has doubled down on his apparent desire to nuke North Korea. He raises a very scary prospect.

Is there a real, coherent agenda driving Trump's declarations? Or are we witnessing the impromptu mind of a president who. on the fly, just utters his first thoughts? Thoughts which have not been reviewed or fined turned by even his staff. This perspective has been more or less confirmed by his staff, including Rex Tillerson.

Let's not dismiss Trump's history of dismissing U.S. intelligence. If Trump can ignore abundant evidence of Russia's election meddling, what information is forming his attitude concerning North Korea? Fox News or simply his ego? Some close to Trump have suggested the rhetoric is a rendition of "good cop, bad cop," which if true is at least a negotiating tactic. If not, are we seeing the irresponsible utterances of a man who apparently has no problems risking thousands of lives?

We know North Korea's Kim Jong-un governs without scruples. He is an underdog who desires to emerge as the Bad Boy of Asia, and will have no hesitation sacrificing his citizens to achieve that. Is Trump willing to do the same?

Wade Eagleton, Bakersfield