“There are things in Obamacare,” Congressman David Valadao told The Californian, “that worked. But it’s far from perfect.” ('Congressman David Valadao talks health care, immigration, Washington, D.C., and Donald Trump," Aug. 11.)

Well, no kidding! Democrats have said that for years. They wanted to get to work on the obvious problems the next session after they passed the original bill but the voters, listening to a continuing steady drumbeat of how awful healthcare is, made different choices and they never had the chance as Republicans sang their one note song: “Repeal repeal, repeal!”

Valadao added that the “Republican bills aren’t perfect.” Is at best disingenuous considering that the Republican plans were just plain awful. They were all totally unsustainable schemes that while satisfying the ideological concerns of a few did nothing to address the issue of sustainable and comprehensive healthcare. As Sen. John McCain said, it’s time to work with the Democrats and develop a solution. 

When anyone proposes a comprehensive healthcare plan they shriek; “socialized medicine” and everyone recoils in horror including those on Medicare. Never mind we’ve had socialized medicine for decades. Who do those geniuses think is paying the bill when indigents go to the emergency rooms for the sniffles?

At more than double the next most expensive system the U.S. has the most expensive system in the industrialized world that covers the smallest percentage of the population. The schemes Republicans have proposed don’t come close to addressing that singular issue.

Stephen Montgomery, Bakersfield