Initially I was opposed to high speed rail because it was going to destroy Bakersfield High School and be two blocks south of my front porch. Then some changes were made, BHS was saved and it didn’t seem as bad, other than being a complete waste of taxpayer's money. Then the City of Bakersfield sued against its own original idea, to have the location moved to F Street and Golden State Highway.

I am still opposed to this tax-wasting mess, but now I am hoping for the lesser of two evils, the Truxtun Avenue location. It's centrally located and is the least destructive to existing businesses and residential neighborhoods.

The Truxtun Avenue location, according to the California HSR Commission, is the best and preferred route. Yet the City of Bakersfield wants a “park and ride” (sort of a station) at F Street rather than the Amtrack station on Truxtun. The Golden State/F Street route will also proceed directly up to Old Town Kern, where it will be directly over Sumner Street, towering over businesses such as Noriega's and Pyrenees.

Envision what any street would look like with a huge 70 foot tall concrete railroad towering over it. Does the City of Bakersfield believe that those restaurants along Sumner will survive? Who wants to eat under a railroad?

I know this will sound conspiratorial, but who owns the land around the F Street location and why is the City of Bakersfield so intent on building at that more destructive location?

Mike Ladd, Bakersfield