A lot of nay-sayers don't believe President Trump has been very successful in improving peoples' lives and creating more jobs. Well, let's take a quick look at his record.

Has President Trump made peoples' lives better? You bet he has. Just look at all those thousands of happy children whose parents he removed - watch them shout for glee, they no longer have parents to tell them what to do. Just look how many multi-millionaires got generous tax breaks, while those lucky working class folks get to pay more and higher taxes. See how happy people in the Middle East are after Trump declared a travel ban. And he sure improved the lives of such stand-up citizens as Joe Arpaio and Roy Moore, didn't he? And did you see how the Puerto Ricans rejoiced after President Trump threw them a couple dozen paper towels?

You can't accuse Trump of not keeping any of his promises. 

Jason Houston, Onyx