The White House says the GOP tax plan will give workers an average of $4,000 more income. Actually, $1 million to one owner and $1 to each of 250 employees is an average of $4,000 per household.

This is how they manipulate the numbers so a few people can get a huge tax cut. So, who supports cut taxes? A few passionate supporters, with net worth: Steve Mnuchin ($500 million), Wilbur Ross ($2.5 billion), Betsy DeVoss ($1 billion), and the Koch brothers (an estimated $96 billion).

Inevitably a tax cut will lead to an ever-increasing national debt. When that debt is unsustainable, inflation will be a very cruel tax on the rest of us.

As this debate goes on, remember the words of hotel billionaire Leona Hensley, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

Mark Smith, Bakersfield