It was both sad and ironic to see the reaction of Kern High School District board member Mike Williams to an opinion piece published recently in this paper. Sad because an official with oversight of a large education system should have more knowledge and restraint, and ironic because schools in Kern have been the recipients of many civic learning awards.

In fact, our district is recognized both statewide and nationally as one that leads in the area of civic education. Several schools have received K-12 Civic Learning Awards from the state's chief justice, we have award winning We the People teams, and we host the largest Project Citizen public policy showcase in the state. Several board members, including current trustee Jeff Flores and former trustee Martha Miller, have donated time to work with students in these programs.

I suggest that trustee Miller come out and listen to the We the People expert panels on the First Amendment. It's time for a little education and our kids will be great teachers.

Terri Richmond, Bakersfield