The State of California is asking the federal government for $9 billion in disaster aid to help rebuild from the devastating fires this past summer. The Trump administration had $29 billion set aside, needless to say, but California's request for aid was rejected — we will not get a single penny. Puerto Rico and Texas will get aid money for the devastation from the hurricanes they encountered.

Do you blame the federal government for not giving California anything? I don't. Our leaders in Sacramento seem to believe they are above the laws in which they took oaths to uphold. They allow sanctuary cities and now a proposal to make California a sanctuary state, inviting every foreign criminal in the world to come to our state. Every time the federal government proposes something for California, if our Attorney General disagrees, he files a lawsuit that California taxpayers pay for! Do our politicians not realize federal law always trumps state law?

This is one of the main reasons the Civil War started: States refusing to submit to President Lincoln and federal laws. And Sacramento politicians wonder why they have been rejected. Go ahead continue to sue and snub your noses at Washington and I guarantee you, you will lose this war. This once-great State is bankrupt over a trillion dollars, homelessness and violent crime are on the rise, etc. Point a finger at Sacramento, not Washington.

Barry Wallace, Bakersfield