I find it difficult to watch network news and read lock-stepping newspapers because they only have one goal and that is to push their liberal agenda. I guess I can almost understand this because I am also pushing my own agenda. But we should determine whose agenda is good for the country and whose is not.

Is overregulation and a quest for mediocrity good for America? Can you name one thing that happened in the past 8 years that actually helped America (and please don’t say Obamacare unless you can tell me why). Is the Muslim invasion of America good for the country? Are open borders a good idea? Is racism in reverse now an acceptable idea? Is the taking and sharing of wealth a good idea? Is it better to learn what to think rather than how to think?

Each time they lose an election, the parties call for bi-partisanship in Washington, but it only seems to happen when the Republicans win the election. Republicans have a monumental task in agreeing with anything. But the Democrats always seem to vote 100 percent to push their liberal agenda.

Today, when we hear the call for bipartisanship, we should consider why Donald Trump was elected. Did we vote for him to attain bipartisanship or was he elected to repair the destruction caused by Obama and the Democrats?

The problem today is how to drain the swamp in Washington when Mitch McConnell and the whimsical Republicans are swimming with swamp-dwelling Democrats.

William Davis, Bakersfield